Newport International University is an approved private institution committed to providing quality education, excellent student resources and affordable tuition. The University has been offering courses of instruction for more than 35 years leading to Bachelor's and Master's degrees. These courses will prepare students for professional careers of service and leadership, and fosters the findings and applications of knowledge to improve the lives of people in different communities around the world.

Newport International University is highly recognized on four continents and offers on-line classes for both full and part time students looking to efficiently and effectively advance their careers.

We are dedicated to the value of excellence and a professional growing experience for you as a student. At Newport International University we are proud to offer you the opportunity to obtain the skills you need to compete in the global economy challenging all of us today. Education is always in the process of change.

As the world cultures continue to interface, it is important that an individual has the knowledge and understanding to participate in this challenging environment.




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